About Project

About The Project

Programming is an amazing tool that affects our daily life in so many ways. Computers have become part of not only almost everyone’s work life but also of almost every other aspect of life such as entertainment, health, finances, shopping, traveling, etc. They are in our phones, watches, cars, home appliances, entertainment systems, and even in our work tools. All over the world we have a rising demand for skilled workers who can program computers; however, the gap between the need of professionals and the amount of them is growing every year. Many young people would like to learn coding skills; the main problem is that we don’t have enough teachers who can support the learning of coding skills. A large number of young people who learn programming do so by teaching themselves. However, the learners who are not good at that are missing out on this opportunity because of the lack of teachers.

The Series

With this series of instructional videos we want to provide an easy way for teachers to learn coding. At the same time, we want to address the problem that coding is not a part of the curriculum in many EU countries. Teachers will be able to learn coding skills in small learning units of 5-10 minutes, so they can just set a little time and gain solid coding skills in the Python programming language. Teachers also get tools and exercises to use in teaching since the first videos. They can also pick up which videos they like to watch.

What you will learn

You will learn coding skills on your own, but we also want you to acquire the knowledge to teach coding to your students. The series of videos will help you even to write code yourselves and feel confident enough to teach your students. We also like to help you integrate small coding tasks into your normal classes in different school subjects. We hope you enjoy our series of videos and we would love to hear from you. Thank you for your efforts to offer more opportunities to the next generations, we really appreciate teachers like you who make a difference!